Collection “Mirò”

Contemporary Neoclassic

Contemporary Neoclassic, these seemingly juxtaposing adjectives most aptly describe the Mirò collection. A collection based on a clever play of contrasts between contemporary finishes and classic, soft lines. The light plays with the screen printing on the light surfaces, in a pleasant variation of tones which mark out your rooms with personality and originality.

A collection designed with passion to involve and stimulate the main senses – an expression of an identity and lifestyle which does not stop at Italian luxury. We want to stir emotions and keep them ablaze over time.

Bedroom "Mirò"

The pearlescent finishes in the Mirò bedroom give the features a precious touch, a nod to the trend for a chromatic “cleanse” which often inspires today´s designers…

Dining Room "Mirò"

The white light reinforces the impression of an extremely comfortable environment. The table, refined and embellished with small details and characteristic pearlescent finishes…

Living Room "Mirò"

In the Mirò living room there is a refined contrast between vertical and horizontal lines, embellished by decoration in crystal resin and floral interweaving. However, the repetition of the curved lines…