Collection “Rossini”

Italian Symphony

The genius of Rossini echoes throughout this collection. The alignment of his notes inspire the chromatic variety of finishes such as Makassar and birch burl, the musical counterparts are translated into decisive and unique combinations. Rossini is a collection with an eye for the details and sudden changes of tone – key elements for a perfect symphony.

The Rossini collection showcases its elegance in a play of tones and contrasts, illuminated by luminous notes thanks to the numerous brilliant details which constitute the finishes. The collection bears the name of an Italian opera maestro and its refined geometries resound with the spirit of 19th century Italy, where the magic of the drawing rooms of the elite merged precious finishes with undisputed stylistic value. The pieces from the Rossini collection are distinguished by the combination of classic colours of precious woods combined with a geometric decorative system, between gilding and grooving, recalling the architectural compositions of neoclassic inspiration. An intense collection, which endows any room in the house with depth and style.

Bedroom "Rossini"

The Rossini bedroom is a simple, sober and elegantly formal space. The finishes delineate large polished surfaces with timeless geometric decorations…

Dining Room "Rossini"

The dining room from the Rossini collection recalls the refined sobriety of the Art Deco style, with a sharp attention to detail and formality. A strong focus on the search for formal perfection…

Living Room "Rossini"

Moments spent in a living room from the Rossini collection transport you amazingly to another era, a time defined by history as a “new” renaissance, with the elegance…