Dream Vacation in Italy

Photografic Contest Regulations

Art. 1 - Contest

Aiming to get closer to its audience by promoting the vision “Made in Italy”, Arredoclassic announces a photo contest entitled: "Dream Vacation In Italy", opened to its customers and their dealers, whose participation is totally free.

Art. 2 - Theme

Professional and amateur photographers, individual or collective persons, who purchased an Arredoclassic environment (at least 3 elements) can take part in the competition by presenting a series of photographs (one to three) depicting the buyer and/or his family or friends in an Arredoclassic environment (bedroom, living room, sitting room), in a special occasion or in everyday life. While here are no thematic restrictions, the participant must declare that the photos do not infringe any third party rights or applicable law.

Art. 3 - How to participate

The competition and the receipt of photos will be deemed opened on 01/05/2016 and closed on 30/06/2017. No entries will be accepted after this deadline. The competition is open to all customers who have purchased an Arredoclassic environment (at least 3 elements) within this time frame (01/05/2016 - 30/06/2017). Participants must send their photographs to marketing@arredoclassic.com with the MANDATORY subject field "Photo Competition NAME LAST NAME", mentioning the participant's first and last name in the manner described below. The body of the message must contain:

- Name
- Last name
- City
- Country
- Phone number
- Name of the dealer where the Arredoclassic environment was bought
- Furniture purchase date

Each participant may submit a maximum of three photos, which haven't already been awarded prizes in other photo contests, under the penalty of disqualification. The competitor must inform any interested (people portrayed) in the cases and manner provided by D. Lg. June 30, 2003 n. 196, and obtain consent to the dissemination of the same. In no case the images sent will contain data classified as sensitive. Each participant takes responsibility of the subjects and in any case the author raises Arredoclassic from all liabilities, costs and expenses of any kind which may be incurred as a result of the content.

The pictures must be submitted in JPEG format (preferably in high quality), the maximum size of each photo should not exceed 8 MB and the long side should be at least 1024 pixels. The photos can be retouched, but heavily retouched, and/or manipulated photos are not allowed. Photos with superimposed text or other types of additions are not allowed.

Art. 4 - Jury

The pictures will be evaluated and judged by a jury of marketing experts, and professional photographers whose names will be announced on the competition website no later than 14/07/2017. The jury will base its decision on a mix composed of technical superiority, composition, creativity and impact.

Art. 5 - Awards

The prize will be awarded only to the first classified picture, chosen by a qualified jury. The winner's prize consists of: A trip (airfare, if necessary, as well as transport from/to the airport) and stay for two people in a 5* Hotel in Pesaro, for a week (half-board). The award ceremony will take place on 14/07/2017.

Winners will be contacted at the addresses included in the participation email and the outcome will still be published on the website of the competition and the winning photo will be published on the corporate communication channels, including newsletters and social networks.

The dealer that has sold the furniture to the winner of the contest, will receive the same prize for n° 2 persons.

The prize is valid for 12 months from the time of the announcement of the winners, so the dates, on which the prize is used, must fall within the time frame indicated.

Art. 6 - Copyright

The participant grants Arredoclassic the right to make printouts of the photos on display, which as such will be property of the company and can be shown at any time, as part of its activities, can be shared on social networks, can be promoted on web pages, as long as on a not-for-profit basis. The participant authorizes Arredoclassic to keep, both digitally and on paper, all the works presented.

Art. 7 - Acceptance of the rules

By entering the competition, the author accepts these rules and declares:

- To be the author of the submitted photos and be the sole and legitimate owner of all copyrights and exploitation, including economic, of each photo, and thereas to have every right to reproduction;

- To have received permission from the subjects portrayed therein, or of the person exercising parental authority;

- To have acquired from entitled third parties all image rights and/or rights of third parties, in general, regarding the portrait;

- That nothing in the submitted material is contrary to the law, including but not limited to, the content of the photos is not obscene, defamatory, profane, racist, pedo-pornographic or infringement of intellectual property rights, moral rights, copyright or other rights of protection of personal data to third parties, publication rights and in general complies with the law on copyright (law 22 April 1941 n. 633) and subsequent amendments and additions;

- To be responsible for the content of their works, to indemnify and protect the association holding the competition from any claim and/or action of third parties.

To protect the privacy, the personal data will not be shared, except the name of the winner and the top finishers. You can read here the Privacy Policy.

Art. 8 - Contest cancellation

In case of cancellation or suspension of the competition, Arredoclassic will not retain any rights on the submitted photos.

Art. 9 - References

The contest referent is Mrs. Lorena Fulgini. For more information send an e-mail to marketing@arredoclassic.com