Beds "Mirò"


Neoclassicism to Great Effect

The sinuous line of the wave opens up into a fan and constitutes the decorative element of the headboard. Fluid forms can be appreciated by an LED backlighting so as never to miss even a reflection of the sparkle of this collection. Concave and convex lines together with edges and surfaces to create a vivacious dynamism everywhere.

Product Information Beds Mirò

Description Width Length Height Mattress/Frame Size
Queen Size Bed Art. 190 cm. 196 cm. 232 cm. 130 cm. 160x200
Italian Size Bed Art. 190 cm. 196 cm. 219 cm. 130 cm. 160x190
King Size Bed Art. 190 cm. 237 cm. 232 cm. 136 180/200x200