Corner Sofa "Giotto"

Corner Sofa

Harmonious Contrasts

All of the personality of the Giotto collection is encapsulated in the design of these large corner sofas. The contrasting armrests become the features which complement a harmonious composition with abundant strong lines. Its strong and robust personality will turn the Giotto corner sofa into the architectural focal point of your living area in a sage choice of formal elegance and comfort.

Product Information Corner Sofas Giotto

3/Seats sofa without Arms cm. 168cm. 103cm. 103
2/Seats Sofa without Arms cm. 122cm. 102cm. 96
Armchair without Armscm. 67cm. 98cm. 90
Corner Elementcm. 105cm. 105cm. 100
Set of Armscm. 35cm. 98cm. 84