Corner Sofa "Mirò"

Corner Sofa

Movement, Elegance and Comfort

The corner sofa from the Mirò collection broadens the choice on offer for the living area, putting forward modular seating that meet various housing requirements. Created through a single continual and soft movement, they are not only comfortable but also elegant. In spite of their large size, these sofas retain stylistic elements of absolute grace, a sage upholstery choice will make them the focal point of your living room, illuminating your house with pleasant reflections.

Product Information Corner Sofa Mirò

3/Seats Sofa without Armscm. 167cm. 113cm. 91
2/Seats Sofa without Armscm. 119cm. 113cm. 90
Armchair without Armscm. 57cm. 105cm. 88
Corner Elementcm. 120cm. 120cm. 91
Set of Armscm. 38cm. 89cm. 85