Corner Sofa "Raffaello"

Corner Sofa

Graceful Lines and Refined Details

The quality of Italian design is really shown off in the Raffaello collection through the important dimensions of the corner sofas. Nevertheless, a corner sofa is distinguished by its consistent volume. The Raffaello features retain a sense of great harmony and lightness – rooted in the gracious lines and refined details – which make these furniture items difficult to pass up.

Product Information Corner Sofas Raffaello

3/Seats Sofa without Armscm. 168cm. 103cm. 103
2/Seats Sofa without Armscm. 122cm. 102cm. 96
Armchair without Armscm. 67cm. 98cm. 90
Corner Elementcm. 105cm. 105cm. 100
Set of Armscm. 35cm. 98cm. 84