Corner Sofa "Rossini"

Corner Sofa

Majestic Protagonist

The elegant fluid lines which inspire the Rossini collection are once again adopted for the corner sofas. A corner sofa has large dimensions, standing out in the middle of your living rooms and catching your guests´ eye with its majestic presence. In this case, also through the careful workmanship in the detailing and the luxuriousness of the fabrics which can be customised for your every need.

Product Information Corner Sofas Rossini

3/Seats sofa without Armscm. 169cm. 109cm. 95
2/Seats Sofa without Armscm. 119cm. 107cm. 93
Armchair without Armscm. 62cm. 103cm. 91
Corner Elementcm. 128cm. 128cm. 94
Set of Armscm. 28cm. 92cm. 89