Tables "Rossini"


Art Deco and Exquisite Contrasts

The table from the Rossini collection clearly recalls the forms and decorative motifs of Art Deco. The table top is screen printed with dense shades of Makassar which combine perfectly with the warm beige of the birch burl. The legs are embellished with Swarovski, bringing a refined and elegant finish to the composition.

Product Information Tables Rossini

Rectangular Table with 2/Extensionscm. 110cm. 200/250/300cm. 78
Rectangular Table with 1/Extensioncm. 110cm. 200/250cm. 78
Rectangular Fixed Top Tablecm. 110cm. 200cm. 78
Square Table with 1/Extensioncm. 110cm.118 /158cm. 78