The Team

A Winning Line-up

When a company runs efficiently, the work is well done and the internal atmosphere is productive and serene, subsequently the work team is fully up to the task. The long family tradition of furniture has over time, led to our understanding of the technical, human and managerial figures, necessary to operate every cog of the complex production chain - ranging from the design sketch to distribution on an international scale. Such important players deserve an introduction.

Bernardo Peroni

Production Manager. With more than 50 years of experience in the Furniture branch, he is the administrative director and responsable of the production.

Claudio Fulgini

Founder, President. Claudio has a long commercial experience in the Furniture Export Branch.

Lorena Fulgini

Lorena Fulgini: Co-founder, Marketing Manager and Sales manager. Lorena is also Area Manager for America and China, she speaks English and Spanish.

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Mauro Bernardini

Export Manager, Area manager for the Russian Market: Mauro speaks Russian, English and French.

Alessandro Fulgini

Export manager. Alessandro speaks English, French and a little bit of Russian. He is the export manager for the African Continent.

Commercial Department

Jelena Raicevic: Responsable for logistic and shipments for non-EU-Countries, speaks English, Serbien, Italian & Russian.
Linda Meijerink: Responsable for logistic and shipments in EU Countries. She speaks Italian, Dutch, English, French & German.

Reception & Commercial Secretariat

Sabrina & Sabrina, back-office for the commercial dept., preparation of catalogues, samples and receptionists as well as telephone operators.

Administrative Office

Milva & Giovanna organize the administrative office with dedication and precision. They manage and verify every revenue account, relate to the bancs and also the staff administration is their well-known activity.

Technical Department

Daniele Fulgini : quality manager, trasforms in executive projects every idea of our designers.
Mosca Maurizio: responsable technical office; with 40 years of experienca in research of technical solutions for production and industrialisation.

Purchase Department

Emanuele manages the customized products. Monica maintains relations with suppliers, and Michele is responsable for the storage of merchandise & the warehouse.

Production Team

Assembly and packaging are jobs that require precision and care and the boys, guided by Filippo, put their heart and soul into the job. Attention, rigor and efficiency are the values that guide them in everyday life.

Warehouse / Shipment Department

Massimo, Nicola and Luca take care of the goods coming out of production and allocate the merchandise according to the logic related to the handling and rotation of goods.